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2015-2016 DCS Dress Code

Students and Staff Support Awareness

September Winner Announced

6th Graders Investigate a "Crime"

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Students Referred for Outstanding Behavior!
Referred for Good Choices

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School Events
•  GMS Football vs BMS at 5PM at Rip Hewes
•  Volleyball: GMS vs BMS at BMS 4PM

Sports Events
•  Volleyball (BMS) at BMS 4:00pm  (Volleyball)
•  Volleyball (BCMS) at BCMS 5:30pm  (Volleyball)
•  DCS Volleyball Tournament at (BMS) 8:00am  (Volleyball)

Library Events
8/13/2015 to 5/20/2016
•  Flexible Library Schedule
Recurrence: Daily from 8/13/2015 to 5/20/2016